Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stroll on the Beach

It was a rare sunny day at the beach in June in San Francisco--lots of sand dollar shells, rocks and pebbles. The winds have been fierce of late. I went to Ocean Beach in search of fragments of old tombstones that became visible after high winds moved the sand around. In the 1930's, the City decided to move all the "residents" of the city cemeteries down to Colma, and although it paid to move the coffins, the families had to cough up the money to move the gravestones! Unclaimed and abandoned grave markers were used for breakwaters and rip-rap along the ocean beach, and every few years, one of them is uncovered. Alas, even though I went to the beach only two days after this was reported in the local news, the winds had re-wreaked its havoc, and bulldozers had shifted the sand, once more covering the gravestones. But at least I had a lovely walk!

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