Sunday, June 10, 2012

Haight Street Fair

Went to the 35th annual Haight Street Fair today -- I was at the first one, in 1977, a year after I moved to San Francisco from Chicago. Not as trippy now as it was then, but still lots of fun. Check out the video!

Also, my friend Steven, whom I've known since practically my first week at college, was there with me too--and he bought a hat! Yay, Steven!


  1. omg! I look just like my father! Actually, quite a nice pic! It was a fun day. :)

  2. Sister of mine, you're still nutty as a fruitcake but I love your page and the images that leap off to the reader. I just check my own non-erotic work and found 1,500 readers have rated it 4.2 on a scale of 5. Too bad it's not in the genre that makes these pages.