Thursday, March 25, 2010

1967 - A Stellar Year for Music

My little sister emailed me late tonight that she was listening to Simon & Garfunkel's wonderful song, For Emily Whenever I May Find Her -- from the Parsley, Sage album. She was remembering how we used to listen to it in our bedroom at night - she was in 8th grade, I was a senior in high school. Our two older sisters had already left home: one for college, one for married life -- it used to be all four of us in one room! But for a little while, back in 1967, it was just me and Peggy and the songs we shared: Richie Havens, The Doors, the Beatles (of course). So, even though it was late here in San Francisco, and even later in Chicago where she lives, I called her up and we talked.

I remembered when that S&G album came out, the winter of 1967-68, and there was one night when my friends and I trekked out to Naperville from our town of LaGrange (some 30 miles west of Chicago). We took the commuter train, and our friend whose family lived out there came (with his mom driving) to pick us up. Naperville back then was still country - farmland, and old farm houses here and there. It was a frosty night, just like in the song; the trees were cloaked in ice, the stars were very close in the black sky--and our young love was going to last forever.

Thanks, Peggy, for remembering our songs!

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